Privacy Policy

If you are a customer at Wychbury Designs, or simply like to follow my pages, I may collect some information about you.  This may be your name or username, email address, and in some cases, your home address and telephone number. This page sets out everything you might like to know about how I collect, use and store this information. If there is anything else you would like to ask me then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or use the contact form link at the top of my page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When I talk about "information", I am only referring to the contact details listed above I never have access to any of your sensitive financial information when you make payments using PayPal, Shopify, Etsy etc.  All of that important information is held securely by the processing companies. They never share it with me or anyone else


How I collect information

Whenever you order from me, either directly through my website, Etsy store, social media or directly, you give me sufficient information about you to enable me to process your order.

I may also take orders from you in person or by phone or email when I need to ask for and use your contact information.

My website providers at Shopify and Etsy have cookies enabled to make sure your computer (or other device) is recognised when you visit them again. You can find out more about cookies in general here.

Why I collect information

I rely on a number of legal bases to collect, use, and share your information, including fulfilment of orders, provision of customer support, when you have provided your affirmative consent (eg by joining my mailing list), to stay legal (eg tax law) or to comply with seller policy on third party sites such as Etsy and Shopify.


Who has access to your information

Only me.  I am all alone here at Wychbury Designs and never share anyone’s information.  Your data is securely held on the servers at Shopify, Etsy and Paypal, access to which is locked up tight on all of my devices.

I will soon be creating a brand new mailing list at MailChimp to enable anyone who joins to receive offers, news and general greetings from me, and your details will be also stored on their servers when you sign up (click the links to find out more about their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use). 

If you pay me using PayPal, they will also hold information about you. You can read their Privacy Policy here.  

How I use your information

Your information will only ever be used in the way that you have agreed for it to be used, mostly for completing your orders with me.  If you join my mailing list then you will only receive what you signed up to receive, no more, no less.  If I want to send you anything different then I will ask you first if it’s ok.

How I store information

Your details are held on the secure servers at Etsy, Shopify and Paypal as well as my email account provided by GoDaddy.  If you are one of my lovely retailers who buy wholesale from me then I keep copies of your orders on a spreadsheet stored on my password protected laptop/devices and on dropbox.  I keep proof of postage receipts for three months after either purchase or once any dispute is resolved before destroying them.

Your rights

You can request to see what information I hold about you at any time and I will share that with you free of charge within a month of asking. You also have the right to ask that your details be deleted, amended or transferred.

There's a helpful article you can read on the Which? website if you want to find out why you've been bombarded with so many emails.