Environment and Ethics

If you have clicked here to read about my brand's environmental and ethical values before you buy then you are very welcome THANK YOU! x

I am fully committed to making the most eco friendly and ethical choices available to me at all times in both my creative practice and the running of my business so here are a few frequently and not so frequently asked questions.

Q Where do you source your materials from?
A  All of my reused materials come from things that are not likely to be usable in their original form, for example I wouldn't cut up a piece of clothing that can still be worn.  I only use vegan friendly materials.  I source as much as possible in the UK and choose suppliers whose environmental and ethical values align with my own.

Fabric comes from clothing or household linen that is not likely to be worn again or gifts of leftover scraps or unwanted pieces from fellow stitchers.

Polyester stuffing is the thing that I get gifted the most often so I do make use of it.  I also use up stuffing from old washed pillows, duvets etc

Threads, buttons and trimmings come from charity shops, vintage fairs or heirloom collections from other stitchers.  The elastic for my wrist pincushions is sourced in the UK

Jewellery Findings  As a result of my lengthy and ultimately fruitless quest to source findings in the UK, I have now removed most jewellery items from my collection.  Anything wire is made by me from brass wire sourced in the UK.  I purchase the brass bases for my rings and wrist pincushions from selected sellers in China who offer the most eco friendly packaging and largest quantities to keep my repeat orders to a minimum. 

Dyes I use either natural dyes such as indigo or fibre reactive dyes in my work.  These dyes use the minimal amount of water and energy.

Adhesives/Glue I no longer use adhesives in my products with the exception of my decorative pins and paper items. (See more about glue in the Packaging and Paper items point)

Packaging and paper items The gift boxes for all of my products are 100% recycled and often handmade by me.  I can highly recommend Eco-Craft (UK) for a great selection of eco friendly packaging solutions.  I use biodegradable pva adhesive for my handmade boxes.

Q How are your products made?  Do you use any machinery?
A Nope - Very rarely my old sewing machine might get involved but not if I can avoid it.  Everything is made with my own two hands.  Reclaimed fabrics are laundered before use.

Q How do you ship your orders?
A I collect padded envelopes suitable for re-use from friends and colleagues to package your items.  I print my shipping labels on recycled paper and attach with bio-degradable pva adhesive or paper tape.
Using Royal Mail's click and drop services means that I can walk to my local post box to get your items on their way to you.

Q Where do you work?
I run my business from our small, family home in Bingley, West Yorkshire so I need no transport and my energy consumption is kept to a minimum.  My home electricity tarif is 100% renewable.

Q Are your products and practice vegan friendly?
Yes! We are a 100% vegan household. I do not use wool, silk, leather, shell, beeswax or any other animal derived or tested products whatsoever.  I burn test all reclaimed fabrics I'm unsure of and do not include any materials I cannot guarantee to be vegan in my work.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions and I will add them to the list.  Many thanks for reading x