Hi, I'm Paula

I'm a textile artist and designer maker and here in my shop you'll find treasures for you and your sewing box. Every item is lovingly hand stitched by me right here in beautiful Yorkshire.

Click to go straight to my latest Pincushion Rings and Brooches or grab a brew and browse my store. x

  • Pincushion Rings

    A best seller since 2011, My ever popular pincushion rings are a practical way to keep your pins "On hand" while looking super stylish.

  • Botanical Brooches

    Browse my Stitched Herbarium collection to find botanical brooches for Spring ♥

  • Sewing Accessories

    Any job is better when done
    with beautiful tools.  My collection of vintage inspired needlebooks and
    pincushions will add a touch of elegance to your sewing box so even
    darning a sock can be done with style.