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Small Textile Wall Ornament "Sewing Mends the Soul"

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"Sewing Mends The Soul"

Made using English paper piecing in miniature elongated hexagons and hand embroidery, this little textile artwork is mounted on beer mats and measures just 3.75" square. I have incorporated sewing themed charms and recycled jewellery to make the piece and the total hanging length is 10.5"/27cm

This is a 'nothing wasted' piece, utilising tiny scraps of fabric saved from other projects, old mending threads, repurposed promotional beer mats and broken jewellery.

"And out of that which is left, comes a new and useful object" Whitney Otto, How to make an American Quilt

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Vintage inspired jewellery, accessories, wedding adornments and wearable pincushions, handmade in Yorkshire by Paula Perrins.

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