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Moth Pincushion "Rose Moth"

I designed my Moth pincushions after discovering a jewellery finding discarded on my workroom floor which looked for all the world like a deceased moth!

You can find more of these metamorphasised beauties fluttering around in the "Art and Home Adornments" section in my shop - but they are also fully usable pincushions and will be happy to help you with your sewing, maybe in the mending of the holes made by their wool munching cousins the Clothes Moth!

This pincushion measures 8.5 x 7cm in a vintage rose print, she has wire legs, elaborate filigree wings and will arrive boxed with fancy pins included. This moth is features a vintage shell button.

VEGAN NOTE. As of December 2015 I am a practicing vegan, however, some of my products may still contain the recycled silk, wool or shell buttons still in my stash. I no longer buy these materials but may still use found objects or recycled materials from time to time. If you would like to make sure that your product or artwork is fully vegan friendly and would prefer work free of all shell, wool and silk then please drop me a line, I can easily make an item especially for you. Paula x

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