The Vegan & Awesome Collective

Once upon a time, in a valley not so far away, there was a little shop filled with a treasure trove of inner magpie feeding delights and objects of desire.   Crafting the objects was a happy band of like-minded, talented people with a social conscience and a bit of a dark side. The future looked very exciting for the Good Ship V&A and everyone was happy.
But then, one dark and stormy Boxing Day night 2015, just two weeks after opening their doors to the lovely people of Hebden Bridge and beyond, a terrible storm brought a torrent of water through the little shop.
Not to be deterred, the plucky vegans of the V&A whistled a slightly punky tune, cleaned, polished and painted until the sun came up and soon their wonderful shop was open again! ♥ Overcoming obstacles as they went, our heroes forged ahead gathering artists and makers from far and wide to form the best little goth house in all of Yorkshire.  They had jewellery, artwork, ceramics, things for the home, things that smelled nice, things for animals and things that were Vegan and Awesome.  Everyone was happy again.
But then, on a stormy Sunday in February 2020 the water came again.  Another storm brought water crashing through the little shop and this time took some of the building away with it.   Still the V&A didn't give up, bailing and telephoning, fundraising and emailing and doing all they could to save their wonderful shop and open up the doors once more.
But then, just as things were looking up, a terrible plague swept the land.  A virus that meant no one could come to Hebden Bridge, no one could build walls, fix electrics or plaster ceilings, the shop couldn't open and everyone was sad.   To be continued.....

As a proud member of the V&A Collective, I get the chance to embrace my inner goth and make stuff that's a little on the the dark side.  While the shop gets back on its feet I am really excited to offer some of those treasures here on my website with my usual commission going to the collective. 
If you would like to see more then please visit The V&A Collective on Facebook and feed your inner magpie ♥