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"And Out of That Which is Left Comes a New and Useful Object" American Quilt Quotation Small Textile Art.

Sold out.

"And Out of That Which is Left Comes a New and Useful Object" - How to Make an American Quilt, Whitney Otto.

This little wall hanging ornament measures 4"x4" and the patchwork squares are each 1.5cm. There was a whole photo story to go with this piece, showing how I had made it with the tiny, left over scraps from a batch of pincushion rings to waste absolutely nothing and promote a message of sustainability....but sadly my phone had a little accident and I lost all the photos!! :-( I hope the message is clear all the same.

The quotation from Whitney Otto's classic book inspired me to make the piece useful as well as decorative, so it became a pincushion with various vintage and handmade notions attached! The base is an out of date, advertising beermat to give you an idea of the size in the absence of the other photographs and the whole thing is hung on an antique bronze necklace chain from filigree corner embellishments.

I'll ship this in a gift box with all its notions attached.

Use what you have, waste nothing px

This work is currently available in the gift shop at The Rheged Centre, Penrith, Cumbria supporting the "THREAD : Contemporary Textiles" Exhibition.

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